How to Run iPad or iPhone Apps on the Mac

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We can use a large number of iPhone or iPad apps on Mac. But if want to run some wonderful apps for iPhone or iPad on Mac, what we should do? Is it difficult? You can follow the guide below to run your favorite apps on your iPhone or iPad.

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Apple provides an iPhone simulator with the iPhone SDK. So developers can run their apps on their Macs. But you can be allowed to run those iPhone/iPad apps that you can access to the source code on your Mac. You can find few apps whose source code is available on the web. But remember that you need to have an Intel based Mac and at least Mac OS X 10.5.6 leopard.  Now you can follow the steps below to run those iPhone/iPad apps on your Mac.

Steps on Running iPad/iPhone Applications on Mac/PC

Step 1: Register yourself for free to iPhone/iPad developers program. Log into iPhone/iPad Developers Website.

Step 2: Download iPhone SDK with iPhone Simulator. Run the downloaded installation package (.dmg file).

Step 3: You are ready to run iPhone apps on your Mac. To test, download the source code of BonFire app.

Step 4: Extract the contents of the downloaded .zip file.

Step 5: Locate Bonfire.xcodeproj file in the extracted folder and run it. A window of the iPhone Development Envirenment “XCode” will open up.

Now you can try on your Mac.


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